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Understanding your child, reading behaviour and nurturing kind, emotionally aware people who can thrive. Learn about emotional health, brain development and how to best support your child as they grow through school.
We are proud to be based in a partner area for www.inourplace.co.uk meaning the resources for parents are pre-paid and totally free for our families based locally to access.
www.inourplace.co.uk is brought to you by the Solihull Approach, a team of NHS psychologists and practitioners passionate about children’s mental health and experienced in training and education for professionals as well as families.

What is the Solihull Approach?

The Solihull Approach is about emotional health and wellbeing for all children, their parents, carers and grandparents. We are passionate about sensitive relationships, early years support and understanding brain development to help nurture kind, emotionally aware children as they grow.
We know relationships shape who we are; they shape how our brains develop from as early as pregnancy and throughout our lives. That’s why we’ve developed courses, training and resources for all parents to help understand brain development and emotional health and wellbeing throughout your parenting journey.
We are proud to offer www.inourplace.co.uk as your portal for online courses tailored to children’s developmental stages for you to learn in your own time in a safe, private space.

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Courses in understanding your child

Understanding the impact of the pandemic on your child (or teenager)
Understanding your child: from toddler to teenager (main course)
Understanding your child with additional needs (main course)
Understanding your child’s feelings (taster course)
Understanding your child’s mental health and wellbeing (accompanying course)
Understanding your teenager’s brain (short course)

How to gain free access

Use the simple ‘free access checker’ onwww.inourplace.co.uk to confirm your postcode (or the school’s if you prefer) to unlock your free access to the online courses available.
Use the course library to search for the most relevant courses based on your child’s age or needs.

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