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School Meals

Children have a choice of main courses and puddings which are well balanced and varied. There is always a meat and vegetarian option plus a salad bar and healthy pudding option. The menu is on a rolling two week programme and can be viewed by clicking on the munch icon below. Meals are eaten in a cafeteria setting and the children are looked after by our team of lunchtime supervisors.

A school meal costs £2.35p for children in Key Stage 2 (Y3,4,5) we encourage parents to pay on the on-line system ParentPay. School will issue you with a unique username and password to set up your account (click on the ParentPay icon below and it will take you straight to the log in screen).

Pupils in Key Stage 1 (Rec,Y1,Y2) are all entitled to a Universal Free School Meal (UFSM) this is different to a Free School Meal (FSM) that children may be entitled to if parents are in receipt of benefits. Please could every family who think they may be entitled to free school meals (FSM) apply for them (it’s worth a try) as this in turn puts a reasonable size pot of money into the school budget? This way not only does the family benefit, school do too, and even if you don’t wish your child to have the meals school still receives the money. I hasten to emphasise that unlike the ‘old days’ none of the children are aware of who is or is not on free school meals. Please contact the Free School Meals on 01484 221000 for more information.

Allergies/ Special Diets

Packed Lunches

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