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Shepley First School

Friday 22nd January

Good Morning Class 4, it is finally FUN FILLED FRIDAY!

I hope you have a super day today, everything is below that you will need. I am sorry that there will be no zooms today as I am not working on Friday's at the moment. Keep sending any work you do as it really does put a smile on my face. Have a lovely weekend and have a little rest and I will see you all on Monday morning for our zoom check-in.

Have a great day my wonderful class 4

Mrs Marsh smiley


Please find the link below for the maths video if it takes too long to load:


Spr4.3.3 - Divide 3-digits by 1-digit.mp4


Spelling common exception words correctly is really important so one of your English tasks today is to use a dictionary, the word mat below or your word knowledge to correct the common exception words spelt wrong.

Let's learn about expanded noun phrases!

The lesson below explains expanded noun phrases really well - it's all about adding adjectives which Class 4, you are awesome at doing!



Try the Friday Afternoon Quiz today...how will you do?? enlightened

Have a look on BBC Bitesize timetable is there anything you would like to look at?

Also if you need a little time to finish any tasks from this week, please use this afternoon too.


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