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Please find all the curriculum information for P.E. below.

School Games Silver Kitemark


The School Games Mark is a government led awards scheme launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. Participating in this process allows schools to evaluate their PE provision and assists them in developing an action plan for future progress.  

By acheiveing the silver kitemark, it recognises the amount of children at Shepley First School that are engaged in sporting activity, our links with local clubs, the competitions our Year 5 playleaders organise, all the different sports that are played at Shepley First School and the amount of competitions we enter as a school in the pyramid. 

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Year 5W have been developing their hockey skills this term.  They have learnt how to dribble, pass and stop the ball.  They are showing great technique and are making great improvements each week.  You have great enthusiasm for P.E. and are loving learning how to play hockey. 

This week in Hockey, we have been developing the accuracy of our passes.   Above the children be seen playing the game called 'minefields' where the team have to do 6 passes between their team - avoiding the cones - then try and pass the ball to the other side of the pitch.  If the ball avoided the cones and went into the scoring zone, the team scored 1 point.  In another game, the children had to dribble the ball through the cones and pass the ball to the person stood opposite them, through the coned gates. The children did some fantastic passes!

This week in hockey, we were developing upon our passing skills - starting to running and passing the ball.  We then played a game where the children had to pass the ball 5 times in their team before trying to pass the ball to the other side where their scorer was - this was tricky as the other team could intercept the ball! I was very impressed to see some of the children's power passes! Well done everyone!


In maths today, we combined finding fractions of amounts with P.E. We played rob the nest. Once we counted how many cones we had collected, we counted how many cones of each colour we had collected and wrote this as a fraction. Afterwards we found what half, quarter, three quarters, thirds and two thirds of our collected cones are and returned these to the nest in the middle. We had a great time working collaboratively and we enjoyed combining maths with P.E.  I look forward to combining more maths with P.E. with you 5W!

Vision Statement

P.E. Government Funding

The Government provides Sports Premium funding to help create real and sustainable benefits to PE provision in schools.  This may be to help find sports stars of the future, but equally it may be to help all children enjoy sport in some way or to provide an education about how to live a healthy life. This funding - provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport - will be allocated to primary school Head teachers. This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools. The documents below outline how we have spent our sports funding and the impact it has had on the children of Shepley First School.


In our school we are using this funding by working with the Shelley Pyramid Sports Partnership to:

  • To continue to the amount of competition sport in which our children participate.
  • Make links to other community sports providers.
  • Develop additional clubs and activities for children, outside the curriculum.
  • Encourage our children to improve their leadership skills through sport.
  • Give extra support in PE to our most talented children and include those with special needs in sport.
  • Lastly, we are bringing PE and sports specialist teachers and coaches into work alongside class teachers in lessons.


In this way, our children will gain new skills and experiences and teachers will learn new techniques and knowledge to aid them in teaching sport and PE.  The long term aim is higher quality lessons and improved learning for all children.


Sport Premium Funding 15-16

Sport Premium Funding 16-17

Sport Premium Funding 18-19

Areas for improvement

As a result of our PE and School Sport audit we have identified areas for improvement and we intend to spend our Sport Premium money from the government on supporting the development of these areas:

  • CPD (continuing professional development) for staff.
  • Encouraging the children to make healthy lifestyle choices which can be measured by attendance, punctuality, school meal take up and levels of club participation.
  • To integrate the values and context of sport into the wider school ethos.

P.E. policy

Please find our School policy for P.E. below.

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