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Shepley First School

Class 3's Muddy Puddle time

On this page you will find all of our exciting muddy puddle adventures! We have done it a few times already and are absolutely loving it. The children get to, every other Wednesday afternoon, head outside whatever the weather and enjoy nature and the great outdoors. We have done den building, walking, building bug hotels, nature art to name but only a few! It has been absolutely wonderful to see the children pushing themselves into new things that they are clearly very much enjoying! 

Cliffe House 10.10.16

We ventured over to Cliffe House on Monday 10th of October for a full day of 'muddy puddling'! It was FANTASTIC. It was a lovely experience for the children and staff. We were extremely fortunate to have Cliffe House and all of it's wonderful facilities all to ourselves for the day! We got stuck into so much and really had a blast. You will be able to see the extent of the activities below but the children really did enjoy the day and approached everything they did with the most incredible I CAN attitude. I was very proud to be their teacher!

A big thank you to Mrs Dawson, Mrs Roebuck, Mrs Nyman and Mrs Kuch for giving up their time and coming along for the fun! 


This week in our Muddy puddle time, we did things a bit differently as it had decided to snow overnight! Naturally, we were excited to get outside... even more so today as we had been promised by Miss Seely that we could build snowmen and have a snowman building competition!

Before we did that, Miss Seely had gone shopping and had bought all the things we would need to make bird feeders. We discussed why it was important to help the birds around this time of year (timed perfectly with the fact it had snowed!). We went through why lard was used in homemade bird feeders and what lard's purposes used to be... we all (Miss Seely and Mrs Roebuck included) decided that lard does not smell particularly nice. We could not imagine eating it and some of us were horrified when we found out what it actually was made out of!

We melted the lard over a bath of hot water and then we stirred it. Eventually it softened and then we could finally start to mix in the bird seed and the sultanas. Once it had all been mixed together with ratios we felt were right, we spooned and pressed them into cookie cutters. 

We are currently waiting for them to dry so that we can hang them on the trees in the Henny and keep our eyes peeled to see if we get any visitors!