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Shepley First School

Welcome to Class 3

Welcome to Class 3! 

Our class teacher is Miss Seely and we are really lucky to have a fabulous teaching assistant. We have Mrs Dawson on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Take a look at our page and all the different tabs that we have... Lots goes on in Year 3! 


What a super start!

Well, Class 3 have settled beautifully into KS2 life. They have been working extremely hard and I must say, I am very proud of them so far. 

We very much enjoyed writing our very own stories based on Michael Foreman's story, "I'll Take You to Mrs Cole." As a result of our work, we have written some really lovely stories that the children should be proud of.

The highlight so far has most definitely been our muddy puddle afternoons. We have had an absolute blast building dens, making bug hotels, finding minibeasts among lots of other very exciting activities.

A big thank you to all parents for supporting muddy puddle afternoons!

Somebody's been a busy bee...

After a lesson with Mrs Marsh yesterday where Class 3 were looking at songs in religion, Ellie went home and created her very own song. Both myself and Mrs Bowman were blown away... I'm sure Mrs Marsh will be too! Well done Ellie, what a lovely piece of art you have created!


I’d like the world to all be happy,

And share it with one another,

Play together and live forever

And just be as one.


I’d like to play, play all day,

And live just as we are,

Follow your dream and be happy,

And dream, believe achieve.


I’d like the world to all be nice,

And share, just live in peace.

Share forever and be nice together ,

And follow our dream.


I’d like the world to shine forever,

And live in harmony,

Be together and live together,

And love each other forever.