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Shepley First School

Photo Gallery!

Let's Celebrate!

As part of our Topic, 'Let's Celebrate!' we have learnt all about Diwali (the festival of light). We made some beautiful diva sculptures out of salt dough, and decorated them with paint and glitter. Here are a few of them!

3D Shapes -November 2017

We had lots of fun in Maths exploring 3D shapes and describing the different properties! We used marshmallows and spaghetti to build the 3D shapes, and Miss Pearson was very impressed by our excellent teamwork and perseverance, as some of them were very tricky to stand up! We then used them to look at different properties like edges, corners and faces.

Buddy Time

In Year 2 we have been spending some time with our Buddies in Year 5! Here are some photos of some of the activities we have done together so far.

January 2018

This week in Maths we have been looking at measuring. The children have enjoyed using the different equipment to measure different things, such as capacity, temperature, length and mass.

Here we are using metre sticks to measure different areas around school!


We have really been enjoying our Computing work on Coding with Mr Mallinson and Miss Bartle!


This week we have started to look at fractions of shapes. We used play dough to cut out shapes, and then practised cutting them into halves and quarters.

Aboriginal Artwork

Here is some of our AMAZING aboriginal artwork! 

Ayres Rock

As part of our Australia Topic we have been learning all about Ayres Rock (Uluru). We have had a go at sketching the landscape. We looked very carefully at the shape, and talked about foreground, background and horizon to produce some brilliant sketches!

Story Boxes!

This term in Year 2 we have been looking at the book 'Traction Man is Here!' By Mini Grey. Whilst exploring the different settings in the story, we worked in groups to create our own 'story boxes' of each setting, which we will be using to act out our own stories about Traction Man, ready to write them later on!

Here are some of our beautiful designs!

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