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Shepley First School


Our class text this term is ‘Traction Man’ and we are really enjoying it. Miss Burrell only showed us the first few pages of the book and we had to predict what we thought might happen in the story. We read a little bit more of the book and then had fun doing role play scenarios to show what the characters may be thinking or feeling at different points of the story.


In English this week we have been learning about adjectives. We came up with a big class list of exciting adjectives that would help to make our writing more interesting for the reader and then we started labelling ‘Traction Man’. We had to think of as many different ways to describe his appearance and his personality. We had pictures to help us and we made a mind map in our group.

We have had great fun in maths learning about place value. We began by trying to recognise, then read and write 1 and 2 digit numbers in numerals and words!

We have also been using lots of different equipment to help us make numbers. Miss Burrell even tried to trick us with some really big numbers! From this, we then made up an action song to help us partition numbers into their tens and ones. We also wrote their matching number sentence.


More partitioning! We have been busy! 

We love PE in class 2. In PE this half term, we are working hard on listening and following instructions. We have been doing a range of multi-skill acitivites, relay tasks and games. Our favourite so far is working with balloons! We enjoy using our co-ordination skills to see if we can keep our balloon up in the air with our racket. 

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