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Shepley First School

Photo Gallery!

Winter Birds!

Winter bird display


The children made some fabulous diva lamps from salt dough. They also made some beautiful rangoli patterns and mehndi pictures.


In Maths last week we learnt all about 2D and 3D shapes. We completed lots of fantastic activities, including building 3D shapes out of marshmallows and spaghetti, and sorting them by their properties. We also looked at lines of symmetry, and making patterns with them. 

Story Boxes!

As part of our work on Traction Man is Here by Mini Grey, we have created story boxes to show the different settings used in the story, and act out story events. Here are some of them below. 


Here are some of the photos of our Maths activities from this term.

D.T. Work

In D.T. we have been learning about mechanisms. We learnt how to make sliders, levers and wheels in order to make parts of a picture move. As part of our work on the story of 'Traction Man' we chose which mechanism we wanted to use in a scene from the story and created our very own moving pictures! Here are some of them below.

Jump Up Week!

Here are some photos of all the fantastic activities we did in our transition week!

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