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Shepley First School

Muddy Puddles!

9th September - Maths place value

In Maths we have been looking at representing 4-digit numbers in different ways. We chose different natural materials to represent the thousands, hundreds, tens and ones and created our numbers in place value columns.

16th September - English poetry

We really enjoyed writing our own poetry based on Emilie Poulsson's 'Books are...' poem. They looked fabulous written large scale on the playground and decorated with chalk. 

16th September - Den Building

This week we have been practising our knot tying! Weput  up a-line shelters using the timber hitch knot, and then used a square lashing knot in order to build a small frame out of sticks. Here are the pictures below. We also developed great teamwork skills, particularly in the den building activity!

30th September

This week we used our knowledge of Roman Numerals to create a clock face out of sticks as part of our Maths work. We also got creative up in the woods, and made our own Viking shield designs out of natural materials. Keep scrolling through the photos to see them! 

Using Tools!

We have learnt lots about using different tools and we are getting very confident, particularly with peelers. This week Miss Pearson set us a challenge to use the peelers to do three different things: peel a stick, sharpen one end to a point, and flatten the other end. We decorated them afterwards as well. 


We have been learning all about the perimeter of shapes in our Maths work this week. In our Muddy Puddle session we decided to investigate the perimeter of our bodies, using sticks to create the outline. There were some great problem solving skills involved, particularly when thinking about the length of sticks to use, and whether or not there was a quick way to calculate the answer, if all our sticks were 10cm long. 

Fire lighting!

This week we recapped our fire circle rules, and had another practise at using flint and steels to light cotton wool. There was lots of perseverance and determination on show, which got rewarded with a tasty, toasted marshmallow at the end!  

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