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Shepley First School

Muddy Puddle Time!

Our first half term in year 5 has been so much fun! From building structures to making and flying kites, creating our own mandala patterns and whittling woodland creatures, we have been very busy outdoors!  We have done lots of team building and problem solving and learned a lot about ourselves as we went along.  Next half term promises to be just as busy!

15th January 2020

Today the children had lots of challenges to complete! We learned about how to split wood using a knife, a froe and a bill hook. The also had to build a shelter to protect themselves from an easterly wind. We prepared the gardening beds for spring planting.

22nd January 2020

Today the children learned about different tinder and ways to extend a flame and build up a fire. We learned to identify Silver Birch bark and the benefits of identifying standing dead wood and punk. We finished the morning off with some fresh popcorn from the fire.

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