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Shepley First School

Photo Gallery

Below are pictures of the fun we have in Class 5W learning!

Tuesday by David Wiesner

During transition week, we have been reading Tuesday by David Wiesner and created animations and lots of fabuluous artwork after being inspired by this book.

Alfie and Jayden.movMolly, Lilly, Eva and Francessa.movJake P, Liam and Soloman.movJames, Lily. Mary and Dexter.movLeo, Robert and Cohan.mov

Frog Invasion

When the children returned to School from the summer holidays, they were mortified to discover that their beloved classroom had been invaded by a herd of frogs who left their classroom in a mess!  The children had a great time exploring the clues the frogs had left behind and writing their newspaper reports reporting all about the mysterious event.

Van Gogh's Starry Night

As part of our space topic, we have been studying the artist Van Gogh and his 'Starry Night' painting.  We discussed his painting style of short, sharp strokes and recreated our own 'Starry Night' paintings.  They look great up on display in the shared area.

Peter Thorpe's abstract rockets

We have also been studying the artist Peter Thorpe and his abstract art.  Using his style of bold, bright colours we have drawn our own rockets using his artistic style.