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Times Table Raps!

To help the children learn their times tables, they created raps using their rhyming skills and times table knowledge.  I was very impressed at the final products!  Well done 4W! 



For our winter craft 4W have turned their hand to sewing, practising stitches such as the running stitch, cross stitch and back stitch.  The children throughly enjoyed learning how to sew and have created some beautiful snowflakes - the display looks fantastic!  A big thank you to all our parent helpers.    Well done 4W!



This term we have been focusing on creating sequences in gymnastics that combine a movement,  a balance, a jump and a shape.  The children have enjoyed working in partners and groups to create their sequences.  The children showed great team work, co-operation, balance, flexibility and creativity! Well done!

French Afternoon

The children looked great dressed in their French colours for the French Cafe.  They enjoyed preparing for the event by creating menus, posters and flags.  They all tried really hard to enage in conversations in French which they have been practising in the weeks prior.  Tasting the French cuisine also went down a treat and the children loved tasting new foods! Très bien 4W!

World Book Day 2017

4W looked amazing in their World Book Day outfits, they had a great day learning about different types of texts and focusing on Cressida Cowell (the author of 'How to train your dragon').   They created sculptures of their favourite characters and created a fantastic quiz all about Cressida Cowell and her books.  The winner of the quiz was Ben and the close runner up was Maiya.  Well done everyone!

Scrapbook Fears

The children in 4W have worked really hard on their recounts of their childhood fears.   Their fears ranged from loud noises, spiders, peacocks, snakes, clowns, shadows, ghosts and tall people.  The children used their resources fantastically to mimic the style of writing by Emily Gravett's 'Little Book of Fears'. 


The digestive System

The children really enjoyed learning about the functions of Digestive System in a very creative and messy way.

1. First, we put the banana and crackers into the plastic bag.

2. Next we put the orange juice into the bag. This was to represent the acid in our stomachs.

3. Then we added the water which was used to represents the saliva in our mouths. Like the acid inside our stomach this also contain enzymes which help break down the food. 

4. After that, we sealed the bag and began squeezing the contents of the stomach. This represented the muscles around the stomach (the stomach walls) churning the food around the stomach to help break it down.

5. After a couple of minutes, we transferred the contents of the stomach into the small intestine which was represented by the leg of one tight using the plastic cup as a funnel.  We squeezed this through the small instestine until we reached the end of the tight.  By holding the tight over the plastic tray, this represented the body absorbing the water, nutrients and minerals and leaving the waste behind in the small intestine. These are things that the body cannot digest.

6. When the waste had solidified, we transferred it into a paper cup with a hole in the bottom of it. This represented the large intestines.

7. Finally, we got another plastic cup and placed it inside the paper cup, pushing the waste through the hole. This showed the act of going to the toliet.

Despite some feeling a bit squeamish, it was a fantastic lesson filled with lots of fun AND learning by all. 

Our teeth

The children have been learning about the different types of teeth that they have and have learnt about their functions.  The children loved using the mirror and their tongue to look and feel the shape of their teeth creating some fantastic models using playdough - some could easily be mistaken for dentures!  Well done 4W - you've produced some fantastic work!

4W Family Afternoon

4W had a lovely afternoon designing and sewing their Easter cards.  I was so impressed by the children's recall of the back and cross stitch - what an improvement since winter!   Parents and family members got stuck in too, creating their own sewing easter card!  Well done everyone and a big thank you  to those that attended.  Happy Easter everyone!

Muddy Puddle - Monday 27th March 2017

Year 4 had a great time using the potato peelers to create their own arrow as inspired by our play of 'Robin Hood and the Sherwood Hoodies'.  Before we started we discussed safety and why it was important to peel away from ourselves and why we needed to wear a safety glove in the hand which we were holding our arrow in and making sure our sleeves covered all our arm.   After decorating our arrows, we did some target practice - applying what we had learnt at Cliffe House (especially about safety in regards to throwing and collecting our arrows).  What a super afternoon! Well done everyone!