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Below are pictures of the fun we have in Class 5W learning!


In topic, we have been learning all about Brazil and its famous carnivals!  After designing and making our candombe drums and carnival masks, we had our carnival in the hall; learning how to samba dance too!  I was very impressed with the children's creativity when they buildt upon our samba dance in their groups.  Well done everyone!


French Cafe

The children had a fantastic time at the French cafe - using the conversational French they have learnt in class to order crepes and drinks as they role played being French waiters and customers.  Great work everyone! 

P.E. maths - finding fractions of amounts

In maths today, we combined finding fractions of amounts with P.E. We played rob the nest. Once we counted how many cones we had collected, we counted how many cones of each colour we had collected and wrote this as a fraction. Afterwards we found what half, quarter, three quarters, thirds and two thirds of our collected cones are and returned these to the nest in the middle. We had a great time working collaboratively and we enjoyed combining maths with P.E.  I can't wait to do some more P.E. maths with you - super work everyone!


This term we have been learning all about how to play hockey.  We have been developing our skills of dribbling the ball, trying to use only one side of the stick.  We have begun learning how to pass and stop the ball.  You have great enthusiasm for the sport and are making great improvements - well done!

This week in Hockey, we have been developing the accuracy of our passes.   Above the children be seen playing the game called 'minefields' where the team have to do 6 passes between their team - avoiding the cones - then try and pass the ball to the other side of the pitch.  If the ball avoided the cones and went into the scoring zone, the team scored 1 point.  In another game, the children had to dribble the ball through the cones and pass the ball to the person stood opposite them, through the coned gates. The children did some fantastic passes!

This week in hockey, we were developing upon our passing skills - starting to running and passing the ball.  We then played a game where the children had to pass the ball 5 times in their team before trying to pass the ball to the other side where their scorer was - this was tricky as the other team could intercept the ball! I was very impressed to see some of the children's power passes! Well done everyone!

Multiplying fractions by whole numbers scavenger hunt

We have been learning how to multiply whole numbers by fractions in maths.  To consolidate our learning we participated in a scavanger hunt - looking for the answers to our question to get the next question until we complete the flow diagram.  You worked superbly and it was lovely to see you so engaged and enthused by fractions!

Hardness of materials testing

As part of our materials topic in science, we have been testing the hardness of materials.  We have learnt that hardness of materials can be tested by the damage done to them.  In order to investigate which materials is the hardness we scratched different types of materials.  


After reading 'Ice Trap' we wrote our own playscripts in groups - you had some fantastic ideas! Well done and your acting was great!

Ice trap freeze frames

We have begun reading 'Ice Trap' and we used freeze frames to act out one of the passages where a stowaway was found on board Shackleton's ship 'Endurance'.  Your poses and facial expressions were great and you made some fantastic inferences about the thoughts and feelings of the characters. 

We used freeze frames to act out the crew members setting up camp and lifting objects off the ship 'Endurance' before it sank.  I liked your use of levels, body language and facial expressions; you worked well in your groups to create these freeze frames. 


To kick off our topic of Antarctica on our first day back of school after the October half term holidays, we practised being explorers putting the tents up on the playing pitch.  It was quite tricky - especially getting the poles in the tents but you were all great problem solvers and work amazingly as a team.   Well done everyone - you made great explorers!

Buddy Time

Year 5 enjoy spending time with their Year 5 buddies.  In our buddy time, we were making scratch art using crayons and black paint. 


As part of our space topic, we used Brushes ReDux to create these fantastic nebulae images - we experimented with using different brush strokes, colours and building layers. 

Astronaut training devices

Look at our awesome astronaut training devices which we built using Lego.  We used Lego WeDo (an app on the computer) to animate our creations.  The children wrote some fantastic explanation texts about their training devices - being inspired by research and our book 'Cosmic' by Frank Cottrell Boyce. 

Tuesday by David Wiesner

During transition week, we have been reading Tuesday by David Wiesner and created animations and lots of fabuluous artwork after being inspired by this book.

Alfie and Jayden.movMolly, Lilly, Eva and Francessa.movJake P, Liam and Soloman.movJames, Lily. Mary and Dexter.movLeo, Robert and Cohan.mov

Frog Invasion

When the children returned to School from the summer holidays, they were mortified to discover that their beloved classroom had been invaded by a herd of frogs who left their classroom in a mess!  The children had a great time exploring the clues the frogs had left behind and writing their newspaper reports reporting all about the mysterious event.

Van Gogh's Starry Night

As part of our space topic, we have been studying the artist Van Gogh and his 'Starry Night' painting.  We discussed his painting style of short, sharp strokes and recreated our own 'Starry Night' paintings.  They look great up on display in the shared area.

Peter Thorpe's abstract rockets

We have also been studying the artist Peter Thorpe and his abstract art.  Using his style of bold, bright colours we have drawn our own rockets using his artistic style.

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