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Shepley First School

Class 3's Muddy Puddle time

Muddy Puddle Time is something we all look forward to in the week, with such fantastic facilities at Shepley First School. Read on to find out all about our outdoor adventures!

We will be 'Muddy-Puddling' every other Wednesday, during the afternoon, so we all need to be dressed for the weather. In Class 3, we know there is no such thing as bad weather as long as we're dressed for it!


For our first Muddy Puddle session in Class 3 (and Miss Lomas' very first session ever!), we played the role of Stone Age tool makers. We decided what sort of materials would best suit hammers and hand-axes and made for the woods! We sourced strong sticks and sharp stones, and thought about how best to join them together (there would have been no glue or Sellotape in the Stone Age!).

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