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Shepley First School

Class 3's Muddy Puddle time

Muddy Puddle Time is something we all look forward to in the week, with such fantastic facilities at Shepley First School. Read on to find out all about our outdoor adventures!

In the Summer Term, we will be 'Muddy-Puddling' every other Monday, so we all need to be dressed for the weather. In Class 3, we know there is no such thing as bad weather as long as we're dressed for it!

For some sessions this term, we'll be working on some exciting outdoor skills like fire-lighting, knife skills, den-building and knots.


Browse our slideshow of photos and the timeline below to see what we have been up to during the year!

Autumn Term 2017

September 2017

For our first Muddy Puddle session in Class 3 (and Miss Lomas' very first session ever!), we played the role of Stone Age tool makers. We decided what sort of materials would best suit hammers and hand-axes and made for the woods! We sourced strong sticks and sharp stones, and thought about how best to join them together (there would have been no glue or Sellotape in the Stone Age!).


October 2017

We carried out a soil study on the Henny, comparing what we found from different locations. 


November 2017

In our topic, 'Light It Up', we studied the effects of light and explored the woods as photographers. We captured contrasts between light and dark, as well as silhouettes.


December 2017

We learned about Andy Goldsworthy, a landscape artist, and how he creates his artwork. We created our own pieces of artwork inspired by natural shapes and patterns.

We created Christmas sculptures using natural resources - we made Christmas puddings, sleighs and even a reindeer!

We made natural decorations for our trees using sticks and string. We had to ensure the sticks were straight, and the same size, in order for the decorations to work well. We chose whether we wanted to make a snowflake or a star.


Spring Term 2018

January 2018

We worked with Tom, from Green Man Learning, on some new outdoor activities. In our first session, we learned all about how to be safe around a fire by remembering the rules of the fire circle. We also played some great outdoor games!


February 2018

We started learning about knife skills, using peelers to strip sticks.


March 2018

We honed our peeling skills, and created a large class artwork of the Enchanted Wood (thinking about our class novel, by Enid Blyton). We used the peeled sticks as tree trunks, and the peelings to make branches.


April 2018

We went on a scavenger hunt to collect some different signs of Spring around the Henny. We also worked in small groups to make sparks using a flint and steel! Some of us moved onto lighting a fire using the sparks.

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