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Shepley First School

Class 3's Events

Have a look at some of the different curriculum events we have taken part in this year.


We worked in small groups, using cardboard boxes for a construction project. Our task was to measure and create scaled-down parts of Stonehenge to arrange together as a class. we had so much fun, and learned a lot about how to create strong shapes and stabilise them.

Shadow Puppet Theatre

As part of our topic 'Light it Up', all about light, we took part in a special day to create our own Shadow Puppet Theatre! We worked in groups to plan a short story to act out, using light and shadows. We used our hands to form characters, and created props to assist us in telling our stories. Have a look at our results below!


Group - Arctic Ocean




Group - Atlantic Ocean




Group - Indian Ocean




Group - Pacific Ocean




Group - Southern Ocean


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