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Shepley First School

The Gingerbread man visits...

During the 1st week back to School, Year 1 were visited by a very messy unexpected visitor!  Year 1 investigated the clues and letters the visitor left behind. They created some fantastic wanted posters to help find the culprit who made their classroom very messy.  After investigating the clues, the children were shocked to discover that it was the Gingerbread man who had visited them whilst they were reading in the library! Although Year 1 did not get the chance to meet the Gingerbread man, he kindly left us some gingerbread cookies to try.  They were very tasty!  Following their visit from the Gingerbread man, the children designed and made some gingerbread men of their very own which looked like them.  

The children also enjoyed doing their continous provision challenges where they built the Gingerbread man a raft to cross the river safely in the water tray, they used the cotton buds to carefully dot a pattern onto their Gingerbread man and they enjoyed acting out the story of the Gingerbread man using the stick puppets they had made in the small world area. The children also enjoyed designing a Bee-Bot cover based on one of the characters from the Gingerbread man story who tried to catch the Gingerbread man, they then programmed the Bee-Bots to find the Gingerbread man on the town map. 

Investigating touch

This week in science, we were investigating touch and describing what things feel like.  The children had to put a blindfold on and feel an object inside their groups box.  They then had to describe this object to their group and draw it.  The children loved playing  this game and we learnt that we feel touch not just with our hands but it is our skin that we feel the sense of touch.

Smell and taste investigation

We investigated and compared different smells to guess what they were.  The children enjoyed smelling the different smells.  We also tasted different foods and dicsussed whether they were sweet, salty, sour or bitter. 

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