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Shepley First School

13th September - Our First Adventure

27th September - Into the woods!

A very excited Class 1 headed up to the woods today in search of signs of Autumn. We identified plants and trees by exploring their leaves, bark, seeds and fruit. We also found Turkey Tail fungus and an oak gall!

Oh no a Gruffalo! - 11th October 2016

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed their Muddy Puddle session this week. We took shelter from the rain in the woods, and worked in groups to build houses for animals from The Gruffalo story. We shared our wonderful creations with each other at the end of the session.

The ‘house for a mouse’ group built their little houses on the forest floor, as a hiding place from the Gruffalo. They thoughtfully made sure it was stashed full of acorns for the winter months.

Snake would have been pleased with his luxurious logpile house. It had a waterproof roof, a bedroom, shower, lounge and even a swimming pool!

Owl had several treetop houses to choose from to hide from the Gruffalo. The children used sticks, leaves and moss to make lovely, cosy houses.

Fox had a fantastic underground house to live in. The underground house was protected with a straw roof and large sticks. The children even made Fox popcorn and juice from the natural materials found in the woods.

Homes for hedgehogs - 8th November 2016

We all enjoyed going on a fungi hunt and then we set about building cosy homes for hedgehogs. Hopefully the hedgehogs of Shepley will be safe and warm this winter smiley. The children took many of these photos themselves with our school ipads. Didn't they do well.... 

Den building and artwork - 22nd November 2016

Today we went out onto the henny and built dens with Mrs Tulley which was great fun! We also collected lots of natural materials to make some great animal pictures and creations.

Outdoor Maths - 15th December

Bringing the rain to Kapiti Plain..... 10th January 2017

We have been sharing a book in class together called 'Bringing the rain to Kapiti plain'. We used our muddy puddles session to bring the story to life. We enjoyed finding our own arrows in the wood, carefully sharpening them and decorating them with feathers and wool. We then used our amazing arrows to shoot down heavy clouds that were full of rain to re-hydrate the land and animals on Kapiti plain.

Signs of spring - 9th March 2017

We went out in the sunshine today to look for first signs of spring in the nearby field and woods. We had lots of fun squelching through the mud too! 

Owl houses - 23rd March 2017

Today we went off to the woods to make our own houses and shelters for owls. We made some amazing creations!