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Shepley First School


On Friday 21st September, we built dens using natural materials.  We explored where would be a good place to build our dens using natural materials and which natural materials we would be able to find and use from the woods and the henny.  Year 1 built some fantastic dens using natural materials despite the rain.  Well done Year 1!

On Friday 5th October, we collected conkers and acorns.  We discussed which trees conkers and acorns were from and what was similiar and different about them.   We then used the tarps and natural materials to make dens.

To celebrate the opening of the pond on the henny, Year 1 had a muddy puddle day.  Firstly, they planted their beautiful poppies which had painted with the local community to mark 100 years since the end of WW1 by the war memorial in the woods.  They then made clay faces of themselves onto the trees on the henny using natural resources for their facial features.   They also collected lots of leaves to do leaf rubbings using wax caddles and water colours.  After the pond opening, Year 1 and Reception went to the woods to collect sticks and work together to build our very own class natural shelter.  Well done Year 1, super team work!

On Friday 9th November, we were learning about fire and how to stay safe in the fire circle.   We discussed which sticks are the best to use and we used the snap test to find dry sticks.  If they made a snap sound and they felt dry when we placed them above our lips, they were dry and good to burn on a fire.  We then dicsussed the rules for entering the fire pit and how to kneel when by the fire pit.  We also made sure the fire pit was clear of any leaves or trip hazards before we moved in the fire cycle and knealt by the fire pit. 

On Friday 23rd November, Year 1 were explored their local area for signs of autumn.  We discussed the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees.  The children explored the woods, finding leaves which they used to name the tree they came from.  They then looked at the colour of the leaf in autumn and decided whether the tree it came from was deciduous or evergreen.   We found that in the woods, there is mostly deciduous trees such as oak and birch trees.  We also found some evergreen trees such as holly.   Super tree identification Year 1!

On Friday 7th December, Year 1 explored the henny and made a map of its key features.  They created a key to show the map reader what their symbols on their map represent.  Super maps Year 1!

On Friday 21st December, Year 1 made reindeer shelters using natural resources and the tarps.  Well done Year 1, I am sure Rudolph and his friends really liked them. 


On Friday 11th January, Year 1 were practising using the flint and steel to make sparks and grading sticks.  They were all super stars at remembering how to stay safe in the fire circle and I was so impressed at how everyone made at least 1 spark! Well done everyone! 

On Friday 25th January, Year toasted marshmellows on the fire to make smores! Before they roasted their marshmellows, we discussed how we will keep ourselves safe in the fire circle and when toasting the marshmellows.  The children also use the bird identification sheet to identify the birds flying about by the henny.  It was also lovely to see that some our bird cakes which made earlier in the week had been nibbled at by some of the birds.  Well done Year 1!

On Friday 8th February Year 1 learnt how to peel sticks which they decorated afterwards.   They also planted bulbs donated by Shelley Garden Centre and did some gardening. They even found a caterpillar and a lady bird.  

On Friday 1st March, Year 1 practised peeling all the bark off a stick from a elder tree.  They then used pens and wool to decorate their stick.  We also discussed the signs of spring and they used their checklist to see which signs of spring they could find on the henny.  Super work Year 1 - well done!

Year 1 have been learning all about habitats. This week in Muddy Puddle, Year 1 explored the different habitats on the henny looking high, low and under rocks, stones and logs to find the different places animals live.  They made their own nests and did some pond dipping, identifying animals and plants which live in the pond.

What a beautiful sunny afternoon Year 1 had on their Muddy Puddle afternoon.  Today in Muddy Puddle Year 1 were exploring the animals which live in the woods.  Like Charles Darwin who loved animals and the world around him, they looked high and low, looking in the sky and all around them.  They used the magnifying glasses to look carefully at the tiny animas which live in the logs, in the tree trunks, on bark, under rocks and in the dry stone walls.  They found animals such as butterflies, millipedes, woodlouses, lady birds, spiders, robins and wood pigeons.  In their pairs, they drew what they found like Charles Darwin would have.  We have been looking at Charles Darwin and what impact he had in British history.  Like Charles Darwin they collected things they interested them, they then attached these to their journey stick. 

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